Warehousing & Storage Apprenticeships (Frameworks)

The economy relies of the efficient movement of goods within the UK to ensure that goods arrive on time and in the right condition and warehousing and storage businesses play a crucial
part in making this happen. If the wrong goods are packed and delivered, this affects customer satisfaction and the businesses' profitability.
Logistics employers report skills gaps and shortages, including literacy, numeracy and communications skills and the ageing workforce. Employers need to attract more people into
the industry at level 2 to train as warehousing staff to fill these skills gaps and shortages, to provide a progression route to level 3 and to replace those who leave or retire.
Warehouse operatives, depending on the size of the company, undertake a range of duties, working alone or in a team, including loading/unloading of vehicles and selecting and packing
customer orders, ensuring goods are ready for dispatch on time. Senior Warehouse staff take addtional responsibility for looking after teams to ensure tasks are completed on time and in
line with organisational and customer requrements.
There are approximately 4,900 workplaces in England whose primary function is in freight transport activities, employing around 132,00 people directly in warehousing operations.

The Warehousing Industry is part of a wider logistics sector which employs around 8% of the workforce in England and provides many opportunities to jobs and training in other parts of
logistics such as Traffic Office and Purchasing and Supply Chain Management.

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