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Harvard Referencing CITE THIS manual

Guide to Harvard Referencing

Step by Step Student guide PP to Harvard Referencing

Why and How to reference your work

Taxonomy of Action Verbs

Guide to Academic Writing

Plagiarism Policy


Follow the link to our short online courses available from the Open University, ranging from 3 to 15 hours, subjects include;

  • Products, services and branding 3hrs

  • An introduction to Business cultures 4hrs

  • Business organisations and their environments: Culture. 15hrs

  • The market led organisation 4hrs

  • Social marketing 8hrs

  • Marketing communications as a strategic function 6hrs

  • Planning a project 8hrs

  • Implementing the project 8hrs

  • Completing the project 8hrs

From Engineering - Latin - Maths and many other interests and subjects to support your studies click here to access the Open University Open Learning resources.the resource includes: Video tutorials - Essays - research etc..........

Follow the link for the Institute of Sales & Marketing Management homepage (ISMM)

To support your Equality & Diversity knowledge and Understanding; Home office Policy link

Brands, the top 100 where 18-24s are concerned download report

Enterprise Mentoring & Coaching resources, includes workbooks, Video etc  here

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