The training room has the capacity to accommodate NINE attendees, including Facilitators.
The venue is available Thursdays only. 9am – 12.30pm & 1pm – 4,30pm
The room is arranged to facilitate a productive and collaborative learning experience, equipped with eight computer workstations, Projector and Smart Board.
The layout of the room is organized to ensure each attendee has a dedicated space, fostering a focused and comfortable atmosphere. The room is well-lit with ample natural light.
Each workstation consists of a modern desktop computer with a high-resolution monitor, a comfortable ergonomic chair, and a designated work area for taking notes or utilising additional learning materials. The computers are equipped with the latest software and hardware to support various training requirements, ensuring a smooth and efficient learning experience.
The room design incorporates a central presentation area, featuring a large interactive whiteboard where the facilitator can share information, demonstrate tasks, or conduct presentations. This central space allows for easy visibility and engagement for all participants.
When proposing booking of the venue please supply information prior to expected date;
  1. Contact and business information:
   – Full name of the client
   – Email address and phone number
   – Business/company name and address
  1. Purpose and type of training:
  • Brief description of the training or event
  • Duration of the training/event
  • Preferred dates and times (Ensure minimum of 10 x working days’ notice)
  • Number of participants expected
  • Names of expected attendees (required to organise IT access)

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