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Typical job titles – Automatic Door Technician/Engineer, Automatic Pedestrian Door Technician/Engineer, Automatic Door Service Technician/Engineer, Automatic Pedestrian Door Service Technician/Engineer

Occupational profile – The Powered Pedestrian Door (commonly referred to as Automatic Doors) Installer and Servicer is a specialist occupation, involved in planning, preparing and safely carrying out work activities in door automation. An installer/servicer will be able to work on a range of powered doors such as sliding, swing, folding, balanced and revolving.

The work is carried out in a variety of applications supporting business activities in a wide variety of sectors. Providing barrier free building access supports businesses in meeting the requirements of the equality act, building security, providing user comfort and contributing to meeting environmental obligations. Generally powered pedestrian doors are found in buildings, for example offices, residential property, hospitals, transport interchanges, banks, education facilities and supermarkets however, they are also common in cruise ships and large portable trailers such as medical screening trailers. Installations can take place on new building sites, during refurbishment of buildings and in end user occupied buildings.

Key activities are: the installation, routine maintenance, fault finding and repair, commissioning and de- commissioning of powered pedestrian doorsets. They have a thorough understanding of the engineering principles and safe operation of powered pedestrian doorsets. They work without immediate supervision, and liaise effectively with other trades and with end users.  The safety of themselves, work colleagues and ensuring that powered pedestrian doors used by the general public and employees are efficient and safe to use is a key responsibility.

The more widespread application of powered pedestrian doors, combined with evolving safety legislation and technology means that the requirements for skilled people in this sector are constantly growing.

The core skills and knowledge can be transferred to other applications such as the industrial door, manual door, gate and security sectors where drive controls and safety systems are used.

Occupational Standard

Apprenticeship Standard , Level 2 Assessment Plan

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