Performing Engineering Operations Diploma Level 2

Does your Job role have similarities to any of the below:

Metal working and Machine Operatives

Bending, punching, notching, shearing and cropping sheet metal fabrications

Quality Control (batch work)

Batch sampling of components or sub assemblies to identify if they are compliant to dimensional tolerances and material/functional integrity requirements

CNC Operator

Operation of Computer Numerically Controlled machines involved in batch production

Maintenance Operative

Ensuring plant equipment and manufacturing systems remain operational through preventative and on condition maintenance

Process Operator

Treatment of metal or plastic products electrolytically with chromium, zinc, copper, cadmium or other metal to provide protective or decorative surfaces or to build up worn surfaces

The Performing Engineering Operations Diploma at Level 2 will benefit you and your employer

The PEO is available within the Operational Performance Apprenticeship Framework

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