Please click through the links to access the interactive lessons within the level you require;

Entry Level 1;

Adding single numbers Activities about adding single-digit numbers.

Ordering and comparing numbers Activities involving ordering and comparing numbers to 10.

Recognising coins Drinks and snacks machine activity, with coins to 1.00.

Subtracting single numbers Activity about subtracting single-digit numbers, and checking the answer using addition.

Entry Level 2;

Adding and subtracting money Adding amounts of money and working out change.

Counting out change Activity about working out change for ?1.00, using the counting out method

Dividing into halves and quarters Activity about dividing food items by half or into quarters.

Metric units Activity about understanding metric units of measure for length, weight and capacity, and using appropriate measuring instruments.

Multiply single digit numbers Activity about multiplying single-digit whole numbers (x4, x7, x10).

Paying for things Using the right set of coins to pay for everyday items.

Reading and recording dates Activity about recording date in day/month/year format.

Reading times Activities about reading times on digital clocks.

Recording am and pm times Activities about reading times in am and pm.

Understanding time Activity about matching analogue and digital times – on the hour, quarter past, half past and quarter to.

Using a floor plan Extracting information from a simple floor plan.

Using metric units Measuring weight and capacity using metric measures, reading a scale to the labelled division.

Entry Level 3;

Divide two digit numbers Activities about dividing two-digit whole numbers by single-digit whole numbers.

Estimate answers to calculation Activity about adding and subtracting large numbers, using estimation by rounding.

Making a bar chart Activities about the title, axes and scale used to make a bar chart.

Measuring capacity Interactive activity, measuring the level of liquid in a measuring jug.

Measuring length Activities using an interactive tape measure to measure lengths of timber.

Measuring weight Activities using an interactive weighing scale to measure parcels.

Multiply two digit numbers Activities about multiplying two-digit whole numbers by single-digit whole numbers.

Reading, writing and calculating with money Activities about reading numbers in words and writing numbers for money using correct decimal notation.

Rounding Activities about rounding numbers to the nearest 10 and 100.

Using a tally chart Explanation and activity about using a tally chart.

Using bar charts Explanation and activity about using a bar chart.

Using pictograms Explanation and activity about using pictograms.

Using tables and charts Activity about displaying data in price lists, timetables and pie charts.

Using timetables Using a train timetable to work out the correct departure and arrival times.

Level 1;

Area Activities about calculating area, converting between units of measure.

Equivalences Activity about equivalence between fractions, decimals and percentages.

Measuring capacity Interactive activity, filling a measuring jug to a given amount.

Measuring length Reading the scale on tape measures to measure the length of objects in mm and cm (labelled and unlabelled divisions; converting between units of measure).

Measuring weight Reading the scale on tape measures to measure the weight of parcels in g and kg (labelled and unlabelled divisions; converting between units of measure).

Negative numbers Activities about negative numbers in the context of profit and loss accounts for sports clubs.

Perimeter Perimeter. Activities about calculating perimeter using various methods.

Time calculations Activities based on calculating start and finish times for events.

Volume Activities about calculating volume, converting between units of measure and using a formula.

Level 2;

Area Activities based on calculating the area of irregular shaped rooms and a garden, using formulae.

Making a line graph Activities based on making a line graph, using a title and a key, axes and an appropriate scale.

Percentages Begins with a number of methods for finding percentages, followed by activities to calculate a range of percentages.

Ratio and proportion Activities based on scaling up recipes and diluting drinks.

Scale drawings Using scale on scale drawings to interpret measure (metric; mixed measures).

Scales and tolerances Activity about reading various measuring scales between marked divisions.

Using bar charts Activity about the use and interpretation of a bar chart showing comparative sales.

Using line graphs Activity about interpreting line graphs for a patient’s temperature.

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