Level 5 Health & Social Care Management Qualification & Higher Apprenticeship

An alternative to the foundation degree, ability to gain within the workplace

The Level 5 Diploma in Leadership for Health and Social Care or Children and Young People’s Services

Pathways include;

  1. Adults’ Residential Management

  2. Adults’ Management

  3. Adults’ Advanced Practice

  4. Childrens Residential Management

  5. Childrens Management

  6. Childrens Advanced Practice

do you recognise your job role from any of the below:

Management of day to day provision in a residential service as an assistant manager, deputy, unit or service manager. May include responsibility as Registered Manager of the Service.

Management of day to day provision in a service that is not residential.(E.g. Domiciliary Care, Day Service) This could be as assistant manager,deputy, unit or service manager. May include responsibility as Registered Manager of the Service.

Roles within adult social care services that need a high level of knowledge of care provision activities or a specific specialism. Not involved in direct management of staff but has some responsibility for assessment of individuals’ needs of and ensures positive outcomes

Manager of specialist services with a specialist knowledge of particular adult social care provision and requirements, for example responsibility for strategic planning of dementia care across a service.

Enterprise/business development role which involves managing a business on behalf of others and/or starting and growing a new business and/or developing an existing business and/or supporting an employer to achieve any of these objectives.

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