Level 5 Business Innovation and Growth (project management)

The Level 5 Business Innovation and Growth Apprenticeship is designed to meet the skills needs of a diverse range of businesses and organisations who are looking to develop and grow through being innovative and creative in their business activities.

The qualification included is the Level 5 Diploma in Innovation and Growth

It supports the development of skills in innovation, business development and growth, amongst both new and existing members of staff.
Job roles may be very innovation focused – e.g. business development executive/manager, innovation scout, marketing executive/manager, product development executive/manager, or may be generalist roles which benefit from an innovative perspective – e.g. supervisor, operations executive/manager.

Aims and objectives of this Apprenticeship 
The aim of the apprenticeship is to provide employers of all sizes in the private, public and third sectors with a workforce that has the skills required to contribute to innovation and business development and growth.

By developing the knowledge and competences required, Business Innovation and Growth apprentices will be able to enhance the productivity, profitability and competitiveness of the businesses in which they are working.
The key objectives are to:

  • build a competent entrepreneurial workforce, providing organisations of all sizes, operating within any sector, with the staff needed to increase competitiveness and productivity

  • tap into the skills and talents of a diverse population by providing flexible entry routes into an enterprising career

  • develop the skills of new and existing members of staff to enable them to initiate, manage and support innovative activity which contributes to the productivity, profitability and competitiveness of the business

  • provide apprentices with an opportunity to develop the skills, knowledge and experience which can be applied in different enterprising contexts, whether progressing to higher level roles with additional responsibilities or starting their own business etc

follow this link for information regarding the Level 5 Diploma in Innovation and Growth

Follow this link for the Higher Apprenticeship framework which includes this diploma

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