Level 2 Award in Understanding Behaviour Change


Level 2 Award In Understanding Behaviour Change
Level 2 Award in Understanding Behaviour Change is a qualification which provides the learner with the knowledge and confidence to offer opportunistic brief advice to, or engage in brief interventions with, individuals about behaviour change that could improve their health and well being.
This qualification will enable learners to understand the importance of listening, hearing and observing when establishing appropriate relationships with individuals for the purpose of helping them to develop strategies to undergo behaviour change. It will also help learners engage with individuals, if appropriate, for the purpose of brief advice and brief interventions and to support them in improving their health and wellbeing.
The units covered are;
Understanding how to ensure communication with individuals is effective.
Know how to support individuals to adopt positive health behaviour.
Understanding how an individual can be supported in developing strategies enabling them to make lifestyle or health behaviour changes
Understanding how to support an individual with lifestyle or behaviour change implication plan.
The qualification is suitable for a wide range of individuals, not just health care professionals; for example youth workers, teachers, nursery nurses, care home staff, support workers and workplace supervisors.
The qualification is delivered by Aston tutors, classroom based, and dependant upon your organisation and your job role/experience is 1-2 days. 
Details of the award content and other guidance is downloadable from the RSPH website www.rsph.org.uk.  The award is assessed by a 45 minute multiple choice test and successful candidates will receive an RSPH certificate.
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