Level 2 Award in Health Promotion

The Level 2 Award in Health Promotion is a qualification covering the principles of health promotion. It has been developed to meet the increasing needs of a wide range of individuals to acquire fundamental knowledge and skills in health promotion, so that they are in a position to influence and advise. The Award provides candidates with an opportunity to work and train within a multi-disciplinary group, exploring and examining basic theory in relation to the concepts, influences and determinants of health.

The qualification is suitable for a wide range of individuals, not just health care professionals; for example youth workers, teachers, nursery nurses, care home staff and workplace supervisors are all people who could help promote the health of people in their community
The core unit covers:
• Factors that influence health
• Role of effective communication in health promotion
• Behaviour change
The option units cover:
• Scientific basis of health promotion
• Opportunities for the practical application of health promotion
• Methods of health promotion planning
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