Help to minimize defects or errors in products or services by identifying and eliminating causes of variation and inefficiency.
Supporty and develop your organisationsa philosophy and methodology focused on maximizing value and minimizing waste within the organisation’s processes
aston apprenticeships
  • Lean Six Sigma White Belt programme;

This one-day class covers the basics of Lean and provides a brief introduction to Six Sigma. It’s an excellent starting point for those new to Lean Six Sigma and curious about how these methodologies work in harmony.

  • Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Programme

Designed for professionals who need a foundational understanding of Lean Six Sigma, this two-day course is ideal for those who support process improvement projects as part of a team.

  • Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Programmne:

Our comprehensive five-day training program is for managers and workers who want to become proficient in using Lean Six Sigma methods, tools, and techniques to enhance business processes. This course also teaches delegates how to lead small to medium-sized process improvement projects using the DMAIC framework.


All our courses are accredited by the International Lean Six Sigma Institute (, ensuring that you receive the highest-quality training and certification in Lean Six Sigma methodologies. This combination of comprehensive courses and respected accreditation sets you on a path to becoming a Lean Six Sigma expert, capable of driving substantial change within your business.

  •  Lean 6 Sigma Training is not just about theoretical knowledge; it’s about practical implementation. We stand beside you, ready to guide and support your journey towards improved processes, increased efficiency, and organisational excellence.

Also available a Foundation Full day which encompasses a range of Lean Techniques including;

  • Production/Manufacture practical actvity

  • Lean Awareness.

  • Process mapping.

  • Defineing Value added and None value Added activities.

  • The 8 Wastes.

  • Lean thinking.

  • Effective team working.

  • Identify the benefits of applying Lean.

  • Problem solving.

  • Fish bone Diagrams and 5 Why’s analysis

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