ITQ Apprenticeships an Employer guide

ITQ Apprenticeship

What does the course aim to do?

The qualification is for individuals or organisation’s looking to improve their use of Information & Communication technology. It provides clear progress from those with little experience of ICT who may be directed in its use to those who can diagnose issues and use ICT to solve them

The qualification provides learning across a wide range of subjects that include a variety of software applications, setup and optimizing computer systems and general use ICT through 3 specific units in software, communication and user fundamentals that also map to Functional Skills ICT.

Learners may progress through the levels of the ITQ to gain more in depth knowledge in particular subjects, though some learners’ experience may enable them to start at a high level.

The qualification will show their competency in specific areas and that they have the underpinning knowledge that will allow them to apply it.

Learners will be able to feel confident in their use of ICT in a variety of roles whether in administration to catering, design to management, NHS to warehousing. ITQ is not about a specific job role or industry, it is an essential part of over 70% of employees’ daily working life.

What will the learner study?

the qualifications are made up by selecting units, sample list includes;

  • Improving Productivity Using IT Mandatory

  • Understanding the Potential of IT

  • Developing personal and team effectiveness using IT

  • IT User Fundamentals Optional

  • Set Up an IT System Optional

  • Optimise IT System Performance Optional

  • IT Security for Users Optional

  • IT Communication Fundamentals

  • Using the Internet

  • Using Email Optional

  • Using Collaborative Technologies

  • Using Mobile IT Devices

  • Personal Information Management Software Optional

  • IT Software Fundamentals

Framework Qualification   Intermediate Advanced

Competence based qualification

Diploma Level 2 Level 3

Functional Skills

Level 1 Level  2
Communication Level 1 Level 2
Employment Rights and Responsibilities  ERR ERR
Personal Learning and Thinking Skills  PLTS PLTS

What qualifications will the learner achieve?

Level 2 Intermediate and Level 3 Advanced Apprenticeship award via City & Guilds, which are recognised vocational qualifications and recognised worldwide as proof of skills and competence in the chosen areas.

How will the learner’s progress be assessed?

The learner’s skills and knowledge will be assessed in the work place by an appointed assessor/tutor who will assess the learner’s skills, competence and knowledge.

Are there any entry requirements?

There are no formal entry requirements for learners undertaking this qualification, but the learner will undertake an initial assessment to determine the level of qualification they can undertake and they must be in full time employment.

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