ISM Sales qualifications with Aston L6

Are you a senior sales manager sales director and are you looking for ways to perform even better in your role?  ISM qualifications are written by sales experts and are designed to equip you with knowledge and skills to develop your career.  They are all recognised by Ofqual, the UK examinations regulator.  Level 6 is for you if you meet any of these criteria:

  • You are a senior sales manager or sales director

  • You are aspiring to be senior sales manager or sales director

  • Your role requires you to lead strategically

  • You want to develop knowledge, understanding and skills in strategic sales leadership

  • You want a qualification at a level equivalent to a Bachelor’s degree

  • You want to be assessed on your ability to refine and use relevant understanding, methods and skills to address complex problems that have limited definition, including taking responsibility for planning and developing courses of action that are able to underpin substantial change or development, as well as exercising broad autonomy and judgement.

We offer a choice of eight bite-size qualifications:

Level 6 Award in Leading a culture for responsible selling

  • 7 credits

Level 6 Award in Leadership and management in sales

  • 7 credits

Level 6 Award in Planning and implementing sales and marketing strategy

  • 7 credits

Level 6 Award in Salesforce organisation

  • 7 credits

Level 6 Award in Sales forecasting and budgeting

  • 7 credits

Level 6 Award in Developing strategic relationships with major customers

  • 7 credits

Level 6 Award in Managing sales-related change

  • 7 credits

Level 6 Award in Developing and using customer insight

  • 7 credits

We also offer two bigger qualifications:

Level 6 Certificate in Strategic Sales Management

  • 28 credits

Level 6 Diploma in Strategic Sales Management

  • 56 credits

ISM qualifications are ‘nested’ so you can start with a small qualification and then build on it to get a bigger qualification.

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