ILM Level 7 NVQ Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership

ILM Level 7 NVQ DiplomaStrategic Management and Leadership

Who is this qualifications for?
The ILM Level 7 Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership is ideal for senior managers or those about to take their first step into senior management. The qualification centres around developing the strategic leadership and management skills needed to succeed at this high level.

Benefits for individuals
Develop skills in strategic business planning
Get an in-depth understanding of what is expected from senior leaders and managers
Learn to lead strategically and evaluate your impact on your organisation
Get a recognised qualification for your personal development.

Benefits for employers
Senior managers with the ability to think and act strategically
A broad selection of optional units to tailor the qualification to suit your organisations’ learning and development needs

Learners take three mandatory units in this qualification. The first two units work together – developing and then executing a strategic business plan within an organisation. The third unit looks at the broader role of strategic leadership and direction, helping the learner to make a positive impact on their organisational objectives.

Overview of units available;

  • Develop a Strategic Business Plan

  • Execute a Strategic Business Plan

  • Provide Strategic Leadership and Direction

  • Develop a Business Strategy

  • Establish Organisational Governance Controls

  • Shape Organisational Culture and Values

  • Manage Strategic Human Resources

  • Obtain Financial Resources

  • Lead the Development of a Knowledge Management Strategy

  • Lead the Development of a Quality Strategy

  • Lead the Development of a Continuous Improvement Strategy

  • Establish Business Risk Management Processes

  • Promote Equality of Opportunity, Diversity and Inclusion

  • Design Business Processes

  • Develop and Manage Collaborative Relationships with Other Organisations

  • Optimise the Use of Technology

  • Manage Product and/or Service Development

  • Manage Strategic Marketing Activities

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What is a Level 7?

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