FURNITURE MANUFACTURER apprenticeship with Aston

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Overview of the role

Making all kinds of beds, furniture and their related furnishings in a workshop or factory.

Details of standard

Occupational profile

The Furniture, Furnishings and Interiors industry is of significant importance to the UK economy, particularly in the supply of end products for residential and commercial living and work places. The industry has an annual turnover well in excess of £12 billion.  

The ability to work to agreed targets in terms of output and quality standards is essential. Workplaces can be wide – ranging from small workshops to large factories.  Furniture Manufacturers must be dexterous, have a good work ethic and able to demonstrate their ability to work individually and as part of a team.

The programme is designed to give a wide range of skills appropriate to the different occupations in the industry. This apprenticeship covers the following occupational areas:

General Furniture Manufacturer
Bed Manufacturer
Modern Upholsterer
Furniture Finisher
Fitted Furniture Installer
Furniture Restorer
Modern Furniture Service Repairer
Foam  Convertor and Upholstery Cushion Interior Manufacturer
Wood Machinist
Furniture CNC Specialist


Each apprentice will take the occupational route that is best suited to the business they work in. They will complete all the core requirements set out below and then the set number of requirements for the chosen route.

Each business, depending on size, market position and skills needs, will require a different combination of the optional requirements detailed within each occupational area. This apprenticeship is designed to allow the business and the apprentice to agree which of these options are most valuable to the apprentice and organisation.  The number of requirements is set for each occupational area as being the minimum needed to ensure competence and transferability but any employer is free to train their apprentice in additional requirements outside of the apprenticeship and at their own cost.

Typical job titles: 

General furniture manufacturer, Bed manufacturer, Modern upholsterer, Furniture maker, Cabinet maker, Furniture designer, Mattress maker, Divan maker, Headboard make 

Furniture Manufacturer Information summary pack

Furniture Manufacturer Apprenticeship assessment Plan

FURNITURE MANUFACTURER apprenticeship standard

Fundamental content of the programme


  • Module 1 – Industry
  • Module 2 – Organisation
  • Module 3 – Materials
  • Module 4 – Customers
  • Module 5 – Quality Standards
  • Module 6 – Health, Safety and Environment
  • Module 7 – Maintain Tools and Equipment
  • Module 8 – Problem Solving
  • Module 9 – Achieve Quality and Output Targets
  • Module 10 – Collaboration and Adaptability
  • Module 11 – Time management
  • Module 12 – Pride in the Workplace

Example of module selection choices for pathway;  General manufacturing:

  • Module 1 – Machinery, Tools and Equipment
  • Module 2 – Measure and Mark Out
  • Module 3 – Components
  • Module 4 – Cutting
  • Module 5 – Sanding
  • Module 6 – Joints
  • Module 7 – Veneers and Laminates
  • Module 8 – Cramping
  • Module 9 – Fittings
  • Module 10 – Gluing
  • Module 11 – Jigs and Templates
  • Module 12 – Assembly
  • Module 13 – Edge Banding
  • Module 14 – Finishing Applications
  • Module 15 – Electrical/Mechanical Fittings
  • Module 16 – Rectification/Rework
  • Module 17 – Safe Handling and Storage

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