Engineering Frameworks

We offer an extensive range of work based learning qualification programmes for the engineering and motor vehicle industries

Where these fit in Apprenticeship standards

You or your organisation may be able to benefit from government funding of qualifications via;

Qualifications are accredited by:

Please feel free to contact us to discuss or require further information regarding Apprenticeships we will be able to offer up to date information and guidance for this and any other sectors of interest, including any employer incentives available.

Level 2 / Intermediate:

• Performing Engineering Operations 

• Performing Manufacturing Operations Level 2

 Business Improvement Techniques

• Mechanical Manufacturing Engineering

 Engineering Maintenance and Installation

 Fabrication and Welding

• Materials Processing and Finishing

• Engineering Technical Support


Level 3 / Advanced :

• Mechanical Manufacturing Engineering

• Business Improvement Techniques

• Engineering Maintenance

• Fabrication and Welding

• Materials Processing and Finishing

• Engineering Technical Support

• Electrical and Electronic Engineering

• Installation and Commissioning

• Engineering Tool-making

• Engineering Leadership


Level 4/5 / Higher Apprenticeships;


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