Engineering Apprenticeship Standards with Aston

Aston offer Apprenticeship standards for:

Carrying out a range of engineering operations (Level 2)

Engineering Operatives are predominantly involved in engineering operations which are key to the success of the Manufacturing and Engineering sector allowing employers to grow their business while developing a work force with the relevant skills and knowledge to enhance the sustain the  sector.

The role covers a wide range of common and job specific skills sets that can be transferred across the manufacturing engineering industry sectors during the course of their careers. Dependent on the sector that they are employed in there may be subtle differences in terms of composition and application of the job role specific skills and knowledge they will require, however the core skills and knowledge will be the same regardless of the sector/area they work in.


Lift/Escalator Electromechanic Level 3 Apprentice Standard 

Candidates role; Carrying out the installation or maintenance, repair and modernisation of lifts and escalators


The occupations covered by this Standard are associated with the installation, servicing, repair and refurbishment of lifts and escalators as follows:

  • Lift Installation Electromechanic

  • Lift Service and Repair Electromechanic

  • Escalator and Moving Walk Installation Electromechanic

  • Escalator and Moving Walk Service and Repair Electromechanic


Lift/Escalator Electromechanic Level 3 Apprentice Standard Assessment Plan 

Engineering Technician Apprenticeship Standard to deveop Engineering Technicians in the Aerospace, Aviation, Automotive, Maritime Defence and wider Advanced Manufacturing and Engineering Sector

Engineering Technician

This Apprenticeship is designed to Develop/support 13 Disciplines/Roles:

  • 1. Aerospace Manufacturing Fitter
  • 2. Aerospace Manufacturing Electrical/Mechanical and Systems Fitter
  • 3. Aircraft Maintenance Fitter/Technician (Fixed & Rotary Wing)
  • 4. Airworthiness Planning, Quality and Safety Technician
  • 5. Maritime Electrical Fitter
  • 6. Maritime Mechanical Fitter
  • 7. Maritime Fabricator
  • 8. Maritime Pipeworker
  • 9. Machinist – Advanced Manufacturing Engineering
  • 10. Mechatronics Maintenance Technician
  • 11. Product Design and Development Technician
  • 12. Toolmaker and Tool and Die Maintenance Technician
  • 13. Technical Support Technician

Maintenance & Operations Engineering Technician

Maintenance & Operations Engineering Technician ASSESSMENT PLAN

This Apprenticeship is designed to Develop/support 7 Disciplines/Roles:

  1. Electrical Technicians
  2. Mechanical Technicians
  3. Control & Instrumentation Technicians
  4. Wind Turbine Technicians
  5. Electrical System & Process Control Technicians
  6. Electromechanical Technicians
  7. Plant Operations Technicians

Machinist - Advanced Manufacturing Engineering

Assessment Plan Machinist - Advanced Manufacturing Engineering Standard


Assessment Plan Mineral Processing Mobile and Static Plant Operator – Level 2

Improvement Technician Standard; Lean and Six Sigma (L3)

Improvement Technician Assessment Plan

Improvement Practitioner; Lean and Six Sigma, project and change management (L4)

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