EAL: Level 3 NVQ Extended Diploma in Engineering Maintenance with Aston

Structure of the EAL Level 3 NVQ Extended Diploma

The Extended Diploma is comprised of a Level 3 Engineering Qualification extended by inclusion of technically specific PEO Units

Engineering practices or Technical Support

Level 3:

On completion of the PEO2 Units, the Learner moves on to the Units from the Level 3 qualification which can only be assessed within a workplace environment.

EAL Level 3 NVQ Extended Diploma in Engineering Maintenance, Includes Pathways dependant on specialisms;

  • Pathway EMA: Mechanical

  • Pathway EMB: Electrical

  • Pathway EMC: Electronic

  • Pathway EMD: Fluid Power

  • Pathway EME: Engineered Systems

  • Pathway EMF: Services Maintenance

  • Pathway EMG: Lift Servicing

  • Pathway EMH: Lift Repair

  • Pathway EMI: Escalator Repair and Service

  • Pathway EMJ: Communication Electronics

  • Pathway EMK: Servicing Medical Equipment

  • Pathway EML: Instrumentation and Control

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