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Level 2 certificate in Customer Service

What does this qualification cover?
This qualification covers the basic elements of how to deliver an excellence customer experience and will equip you with the necessary skills to work and support customer service delivery.
The following areas that can be covered within this qualification:
 Deliver customer service
 Understand customers
 Principles of customer service
 Understand employer organisations
 Manage personal performance and development
 Communicate with customers in writing
All learners will cover the mandatory core units and then a choice of optional units.

Who could take this qualification?
Level 2 will suit you if you have some experience in customer service and are able to handle more difficult customers. You are looking to improve your own skills and become more involved in making improvements to your team’s level of customer service.
This qualification is suitable for anyone from 16 years old or over.



Level 3 Diploma in Customer Service

At Level 3, you are able to respond to customer issues at a strategic level, suggesting improvements to customer service strategy and helping in their implementation.

You complete two core units:

  • Demonstrate understanding of customer service
  • Demonstrate understanding of the rules that impact on improvements in customer service.

You also take 30 credits’ worth of optional units. You choose at least one unit from each of four groups:

  • Impression and image group
  • Delivery group
  • Handling problems group
  • Development and improvement group.

Examples of units include:

  • Champion customer service (Impression and image group)
  • Make customer service personal (Impression and image group)
  • Plan, organise and control customer service operations (Delivery group)
  • Deliver seamless customer service with a team (Delivery group)
  • Process customer service complaints (Handling problems group)
  • Handle referred customer complaints (Handling problems group)
  • Develop a customer service strategy for a part of an organisation (Development and improvement group)
  • Manage a customer service award programme (Development and improvement group).



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