Customer Service Apprenticeship Standards 2017

The Customer Service Practitioner apprenticeship is designed for learners in Customer Service Practitioner roles of which are many and varied, they could include:  

  • Customer Service Assistant

  • Customer Service Administrator 

  • Customer Service Advisor

  • Customer Service Trainee 

  • When trained apprentices may move around roles or departments to develop and make the most of their skills.

Customer Service Practitioner apprenticeship

On-programme for this apprenticeship is a period of learning, development and continuous assessment, managed by the Training provider & employer.

The learning will be built around competencies and skills as set out in the standard. The knowledge, skills and behaviour that will be developed during the on-programme learning will include:


  • Knowing Your Customers

  • Understanding the Organisation

  • Meeting Regulations and Legislation

  • Systems and Resources

  • Customer Experience

  • Product and Service Knowledge


  • Interpersonal Skills

  • Communication

  • Influencing Skills

  • Personal Organisation

  • Dealing with Customer Conflict and Challenge


  • Developing Self

  • Being Open to Feedback 

  • Team Working

  • Equality – Treating all Customers as Individuals

  • Presentation – Dress Code, Professional Language

Following the development programme, Apprentices are forwarded to the :

End-point assessment

Here you will demonstrate that you can perform in the occupation in a fully competent, holistic and productive way.

The assessment will be graded, grades available :

  • Fail

  • Pass

  • Credit

  • Distinction

The duration of the full apprenticeship programme is 18-24 months

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