Aston Customer Service Charter

Aston’s Customer Service Statement

Aston Recruitment and Training Ltd’s Aim is to enable the employer and individual to access choice and opportunity through education, guidance and support.

Aston Recruitment and Training Ltd Mission Statement

Hours of business;

Aston’s hours of business are:

8.30am  to 5.00pm Monday – Thursday and 8.30am to 4.30pm on Friday (exemptions for Public bank holidays), where required appointments are available outside of these time frames by prior agreement, to allow flexibility and opportunity for your organisation.

Web site and e-mail service;

Aston staff will reply to all relevant incoming e-mails within two working days.

Exemption will apply when an out of office service is in operation, under these circumstances a reply will be sent within 2 working days upon return.

E-mails sent to the Aston information address will receive a reply within 2 working days.

Aston will continually update and develop its web site to ensure clarity and level of information is available to customers.

Astons New Business Manager is available to existing customers outside of normal working hours via e-mail.

Telephone enquires;

Aston direct access 01604 230371 will be answered within 6 rings where available lines accessible.

Calls will be forwarded onto staff with responsibility for the call type where available, and entered to Aston CRM database.

When staff unavailable the customer will be offered an alternative or where applicable the intended reciprocate will be informed and the customer will receive a reply within 1 working day.

Personal contact and appointments;

Aston staffs will ensure where possible punctual and prepared visits are kept within agreed timescales as agreed.

Your Privacy:

Aston is committed to upholding its legal and ethical obligations in relation to sensitive data. We are aware that the data we capture is of a highly confidential nature, and respect the trust our customers place in us to protect that data.

Feedback and service development issues;

All feedback, complaints or issues for resolution received by any Aston staff will be dealt with in a courteous and professional manner.

All staff should first contact their Manager with any complaint or issue they would like to see resolved.

Issues will then be handled as per the following resolution process (time frames for the process will be communicated to the customer initially and on going :)

·       Resolved Complaints (Level 1 – not escalated)

All Aston Managers are empowered and encouraged to deal with and resolve issues personally.

We aim to resolve these complaints within 1 business day.

·       Level 2 Escalated Complaints

If the complaint is unable to be resolved with the Aston Manager, or requires a Management decision, a Manager for customer services will be in contact within 1 business day of last contact with Aston.

Level 2 Escalated complaints will be resolved within 5 – 10 business days of contact with the Customer Services Manager.

·       Level 3 Escalated Complaints

Where a complaint is escalated beyond the Manager of Customer Services, Aston’s Operations Director or Managing Director may be called upon to settle the dispute. Level 3 escalated complaints will be resolved within 10 - 30 business days of contact with a Director.

·       Level 4 Escalated Complaints

If a complaint is unable to be resolved by this stage, a mutually agreed Mediation Service will be engaged, at the expense of the complainant.

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