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Astons mission; 

Aston aims to enable the employer and individual to access choice and opportunity through education, guidance and support

Aston Recruitment and Training Ltd established 1987

Part of the RNN Group since 2011 

We are an education and training provider, meeting the needs of thousands of employers, adults and school leavers every year and contributing at the heart of our communities.

With an income of over £80m each year, the RNN Group includes three colleges of further and higher education and five training organisations. Through them we educate school leavers, undergraduates, employees and those re-joining the workforce.

In total, we employ or engage over 1,500 staff to educate and train over 16,000 people each year, including over 4,000 apprentices.

We help companies succeed and individuals learn their way to career security, fulfilment and happiness.

From our heartlands in the Sheffield City Region and the East Midlands and, we operate nationally and internationally meeting the training and education needs of individuals and businesses.

The RNN Group works closely with Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEPs), organisations representing the business community, trade bodies, local authorities and national government to contribute the best solutions to economic needs.

We work in partnership with employers to find, develop and grow the workforce needed for their future. We deliver training, apprenticeships and recruitment solutions which help them deliver high quality products and services with increased productivity and market impact.

We are a rapidly growing provider of higher education courses including full degrees, offered locally, connected to employers, offering great value and organised to fit with students’ work and family life. We offer education and training, including professional education and apprenticeships at all levels to adults seeking to gain qualifications and skills, to pursue their careers and find fulfilment and prosperity.

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