6 sigma yellow belt with Aston

Using the City & Guilds Level 2 BIT Diploma unit selections we are able to design and offer a programme for 6 sigma recognition

Business Improvement Techniques / Continuous Improvement

What do our BIT programmes do?

Recognizable methodologies & terms?

  • Six sigma

  • Kaizen

  • Lean

  • JIT

  • CEM

  • 5 whys

  • Pareto

  • Theory of Constraints

To name a few

Works with Quality & Process pathways

Businesses of all sizes can use the principles of lean enterprise to help eliminate waste, reduce costs and boost productivity. The benefits of achieving process and quality improvements in the workplace are open to private and public companies across all sectors, including areas such as commerce and healthcare alongside traditional industry employers.

Our qualifications in business-improvement techniques (B-IT) are an ideal complement for job-specific qualifications, helping learners to apply a range of methodologies to achieve sustainable advances in working practices. Our portfolio includes:

  • Level 2, 3 and 4 competence qualifications

Our NVQ Diplomas and VRQs in B-IT are based on national occupational standards and recognise competence in contributing to or leading workplace improvements. The process of assessment encourages staff to adopt practices that help to maximize profits by improving workflow and reducing costs.

  • Level 2, 3 or 4 QCF knowledge qualification (VRQ)

Our Level 2 Certificate in B-IT is a broad, cross-functional knowledge qualification that helps learners to gain an understanding of lean enterprise principles. Using appropriate practical skills, successful learners will grasp a range of techniques to deliver tangible benefits to any workplace.

These qualifications can be applied and adapted to the needs of a vast range of employers. Ideal as a complement to existing programmes, they are available as standalone qualifications and are also recognised within Apprenticeships frameworks across the UK

What will the learner study?

  • Level 2, 3 or 4 competence qualifications

  • Level 2, 3 or 4 knowledge qualification (VRQ)

(  Apprenticeship) Mode of delivery;
   The workshops are delivered in 8 events over 16 weeks for NVQ (Practical)
   Then a further 4 workshops over the next 36 weeks for the VRQ (Theory)
   Regular feedback to Senior Management on improvements made and support required


   The learners will apply learning to 3 Continuous Improvement Projects and will successfully define, measure, analyze, improve and control projects by project action planning and creating         standard operations and training at completion. 

Projects will deliver sustainable cost benefits; 

A sample of the units/areas of learning available;

  • Continuous improvement (kaizen) activities

  • Leading the development of visual management system

  • Creation of flexible production and manpower systems

  • Lead time analysis activities

  • Value stream mapping (VSM) activities

  • total productive maintenance (TPM) activities

  • carrying out of statistical process control procedures (SPC)

  • policy development (Hoshin Kanri) activities

  • value management (value engineering and value analysis) activities

  • potential failure modes and effects analysis (FMEA) activities

  • measurement systems analysis (MSA) activities

  • design of experiments (DEO)

  • mistake/error proofing (POKA YOKE) activities

  • Applying quality function deployment (QFD)

How will the learner’s progress be assessed?

The learner’s skills will be assessed in the work place by an appointed assessor/tutor who will assessor the learner’s skills, competence and knowledge.

Are there any entry requirements?

There are no formal entry requirements for learners undertaking this qualification, but the learner will undertake an initial assessment to determine the level of qualification they can undertake and they must be in full time employment.

  Course fees

*      Government funding is available for a large number of Apprenticeships with some sectors identified as priority. For funding eligibility and further details please feel free to contact us.

  *subject to change

  please contact us for further information

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